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Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes them

The Italian word UNICAMENTE is composed by 2 parts: UNICA = unique and MENTE = mind, imagination. Together they form another word, which means UNIQUELY, ENTIRELY, as the unique and complete services we are providing to all our clients.

Established in 2004 and founded on a 20-year-long professional experience, UNICAMENTE is a Development and Communication enterprise, providing counselling, planning and training in the field of territory promotion and Made in Italy.  Along the way, it expanded to become a network of selected professionals and consultants, specialized in different sectors.

UNICAMENTE addressed its activities to private companies, consortiums, public bodies, local administrations, associations willing to use marketing and communications strategies as their strong point.

We solely deliver innovative and interactive technological solutions that will enable you to catch your clients’ attention and involve them in some extraordinary experiences! Our core business is based on all forms of visual communication, as it’s the first form of communication between the individual and the external world. We are considered strategic partners by many, as we are involved in their activities and tied by transparent and trustful bonds, based on honesty and knowhow sharing. In the course of years, we established long lasting relationship with relevant enterprises and companies.